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Pete is based in Montrose, on the east coast of Scotland, and can operate anywhere in Scotland. He is also able to offer cameraman services using his Red Epic kit.


Pete's insurance covers drone flights up to 5 million pounds of public and premises liability.


In black or white. We carry a spare, just in case! 


This is a small and lightweight drone, making it safer to fly than its’ bigger brother: the Inspire 2, and still delivering a lot of quality under the hood. In fact, as it’s newer it has more obstacle avoidance sensors built into it. Having flown an Inspire 2, we’ve found that it can be overkill for a lot of clients. Unless you absolutely need a RAW workflow or interchangeable lenses, then the Phantom 4 Pro results are impressive. 


Shooting Resolutions:

UHD 4K@100Mbps

DCI 4K@100Mbps

1080P HD@50Mbps

Shooting Framerates:

25P (HD/4K), 50P (HD/4K)

Format: H264 .mov

Stills: JPEG/DNG (RAW) 5472x3648 20Megapixel


The Phantom 4 Pro has the equivalent field-of-view of a 24mm on a full-frame sensor: a typical focal length for landscapes. There is no fisheye distortion. We’re able to control aperture, shutter, framerate and use ND with this drone.

We always recommend acquiring footage in 4K, even if you are delivering HD, for two reasons. Firstly, you will end up with a sharper and less noisy image by acquiring in 4K and then downconverting to HD than you would if you acquired HD in the first place. Secondly, it gives you options later to crop the image in post if you need to.


We have our cameras configured to shoot in a flat-profile with sharpness, contrast and saturation turned down in order to give colourists the greatest amount of options possible in post-production. If you would rather we filmed in a standard-profile let us know and we can adjust accordingly (recommended if you don’t intend to colour-grade your footage).

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